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"Signature Restaurant" was a dream to create a space for people to genuinely connect and celebrate all of Life's moments and more importantly; to celebrate the absolute joy of being alive.

The space, mood, sounds, food and service have to be in almost perfect harmony for the Signature Experience. Thank you to our Patrons from all over Africa and the Globe who over the years have continued to choose us and to our Team for making magic, daily.

Desmond Mabuza, Founder of Signature Restaurant

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Indulge in the Art of Culinary Excellence: Explore Signature Restaurant's Menu, a Symphony of Fine Dining Delights,

Crafted with Passion and Precision by Our Master Chef.

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Welcome to Signature Restaurant, Umhlanga, situated in this vibrant and cosmopolitan seaside city in KZN. Our establishment offers exclusivity, flexibility, sophistication, and glimpses of the nearby ocean. Experience the perfect blend of attention to detail, flawless service, and sumptuous cuisine in a space that represents the evolution of Signature Restaurant.


Join us at Signature Restaurant in Umhlanga, Durban, and savour the unrivaled coastal charm, culinary excellence, and impeccable service. Discover a dining destination where each moment is infused with beauty, creating an unforgettable experience that lingers long after the first bite.





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